Mission Opportunities

Global missions is a vital part of the vision of New Hope Baptist Church.  Following the model found in Acts 1:8, our desire is to impact Jerusalem (our community), Judea (our state), Samaria (our nation), and even the remotest part of the earth (our world).  We at New Hope are blessed to be able to offer a variety of opportunities for missions each year that follow the model outlined above.  Generally, mission opportunities occur from March through October.

These mission opportunities include student trips to Stillwater, OK; Arlington, TX; and Cambodia.  Other opportunities include Montreal, Canada; Vancouver, British Columbia; El Salvador; Colombia; Guatemala; Venezuela; Peru; Belgium; Netherlands; France; Kenya; India; Southeast Asia; and Cambodia.  The mission of each trip varies including benevolence ministry, church plants, and intentional evangelism.  Regardless of the specific mission, the goal and aim is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those whom we come into contact with. 

Due to security concerns, we are unable to list the dates and exact locations in such a public forum as our website.  Nonetheless, each November we provide a list of the upcoming mission opportunities for the coming year available at the Welcome Center.