Will Wilson


Pastor Will came to New Hope in March of 2010. 
Born: April 26, 1979
Family:  Married to Leigh on June 14, 2002.  They have three sons: Trip (8), Jett (4), and Cruz (2); and one daughter, Tatum (1).  Leigh is a stay-at-home mom; Trip is a baseball player; Jett is Spider-Man; Cruz is crazy; and Tatum is sweet and loves to cuddle.
Interests: Reading, fishing, hunting, and hanging out with my family.
I believe in the inspired Word of God.  I believe He has called me to unashamedly preach that Word and that He has gifted me to do so effectively, ever mindful of the promise that His Word will not return void.  I have a zeal and determination to see those who claim the name of Christ to become fully developed followers of His and to see them take the gospel outside the walls of their churches to their communities (Jerusalem), their state (Judea), their nation (Samaria), and even to the remotest part of the earth (Acts 1:8).  I love the people of God and I desire to feed them, lead them, and serve them as long as I am able.
I am called to lead the people of God as we follow the commandments of our Lord, striving daily to fulfill the great commission.  This is accomplished through the preaching of the Word and being the example in word and deed through exercising pastoral care and discipleship, casting vision, and walking alongside the church as the vision is fulfilled.  I believe this is accomplished when a church body is functioning according to the principles set forth in Scripture and is vibrant in fulfilling the five purposes of the church: worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship.  
As a pastor, my primary function is to “feed the sheep”.  That is, preach the Word in such a fashion that it is convicting, challenging, and life-applicable.  My desire for my staff is that we be unified, first and foremost, in our objective.  I encourage them to be the examples of stewardship and service among the church family. When these two things are being done, it flows naturally that the church will begin, or continue, to fulfill the commandments and commission of Christ.  It is through these means that the church as a whole begins to serve most effectively in kingdom work.
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Worship Minister

Justin Lee

Justin Lee joined our staff in September 2013.  He is a gifted musician with a true heart for worship.  In addition to his duties at New Hope, Justin serves as the vocal director for Shawnee High School.  He and his wife, Melissa, have one child, Jadon.  We are thankful the Lord has seen fit to have Justin serve our church in this capacity.  

Youth Minister

Josh Whitlock

Children's Minister

Emily Stinnett

Emily joined our staff in 2015. She is such an asset to our church and so gifted in ministering to the children of our church. She also serves as a 2nd grade teacher at Bethel Schools. Her husband Josh serves as the Young Adults Sunday School teacher and he and Emily have two wonderful children, Olivia and Isaac.